Brand Concept

  • Product inspiration is nature, lightness and softness
  • Production procedures arefrom meticulousness and intention of villagers growing the thairice thaiherb and thai herb giving us quality product from nature.
  • It is organic products that not irritate the skin.
  • Suitable for natural product’ lovers
  • Packaging design will look minimally vintage mixed with Thai and modernize style.

From the FOUNDER

Phritchada Sriniang is the founder of WABELLAS Brand. Who has been inspired by identity of Phichit province to creating new products by its nature and local ingredients .  

Advantages of Thai Rice,Thaifriuts and Thaiherb go far beyond its nutritional qualities which is creating a valuable cosmetic ingredients. Using the rice also help people in rural areas having a better life.

Our products also won reward

Under the supervision of national innovation agency thailand,Lower Northern Science Park Naresuan University and National Research Council of Thailand , our natural innovation products become premium quality cosmetics since 2016.

Wabellas also create a varietiy of products such as Skin Care and Spa products (natural-made scrub from grounded Thai rice). Rice is rich in amino acids and vitamin E, substances which have a vital function for the good health of the body and skin. Further, with high amount of alanine, rice proteins also help for strengthening the cell hydration which make skin smooth and soft.

The true beauty from Wang wa

The golden rice, the sweet and sour taste of THA Khoi pomelo and the golden Barracuda Mango are the best of Phichit’s well-known things.If whoever comes to Phichit, they have to taste it once in a lifetime.
These make them be impressed and exactly want to buy it back as a souvenir.

The sweetness and quality of local agricultural products are still the main raw materials for community enterprises to further develop into processed food products and build a reputation for the province. For example the golden Barracuda Mango and preserved THA Khoi pomelo.
Furthermore the vision of the owner of WABELLAS or Fai-ภฤชฎา ศรีเหนี่ยง
makes the change from agricultural products to beauty care products that no one has ever made before.

That is the beauty from natural products which are from authentic local products of Thailand. That sounds interesting.

Her passion for raw materials in hometown and disappointment from the experience of using skincare products which contain harmful chemicals bring the idea of creating skin care products from good natural ingredients in Phichit. WABELLAS got the award “OTOP PREMIUM”. Besides WABELLAS became the special souvenirs from northern of Thailand are sold at King Power Duty Free as a souvenir of Thainess and identity of Phichit as well.

Popular and good quality rices

The phrase “Good taste of THA Khoi pomelo and good quality rice” is just a part of Phichit Province motto. Phichit, known as a crocodile city, is a province in the lower northern part of Thailand. Phichit has popular and good quality rice which is a well-known product. While Fai had graduated with a master’s degree from Naresuan University, she had to move back to her hometown to take care of her mother. She has the idea of skin care products made from local ingredients.

Rice scrub is her first product by picking up the identity of the hometown like rice to use as the main raw material.  Most income of this province comes from farming. It has to take four months to produce once. So, she chose to use broken rice and rice germ obtained from the rice milling process to produce. Rice scrub is the first product that received the Thai rice innovation award.

If you come to Phichit, apart from the rice in the golden fields, there are also economic fruit crops with a sweet scent to invite you to taste. “In Phichit province, THA Khoi pomelo (GI fruit) and the golden Barracuda Mango are grown. We take the Jambolan plums to dry in the sun, bake and then extract it. Each product has a different method of extraction depending on the raw materials.”

As a result of the Tha Khoi pomelo being registered as a GI or Geographical Indication. Therefore, it reflects the identity of Phichit very well. It has been developed into a variety of products including being used to produce shower gel, hand cream from Tha Khoi pomelo and skin cream from the golden Barracuda Mango. Furthermore, there is also a mixture of local Thai herbs such as Centella asiatica included.

Jambolan from Wang Wa sub-district

There are not only rice, Tha Khoi pomelo and Barracuda Mango in Wang Wa sub-district, but also the hundred-year-old Jambolan which is the origin of the sub-district’s name. We found that Jambolan has been neglected and not given as much importance as it should. Therefore, Jambolan plums from the Thai berry family were used. “People grew a lot of Jambolans in Wang Wa sub-district but did not use them. So, we bought and helped them propagate. When they produce the Jambolan plums or someone already has Jambolan trees, they bring Jambolan plums to sell with us.”

Since each type of raw materials has a different planting period and harvest season. Therefore, every effort must be made to collect the extract as much as possible in order to be sufficient for the whole year’s production.  “Jambolan plums fruit once a year. In the harvest season, we keep their extract as much as possible.”

When raw materials are obtained, they are then processed. Fai took the Wabellaz brand to participate in joint venture projects in various universities to help the entrepreneurs. “There has been research about the extraction process. Every product goes through irritant testing and a panel of testers” These things make sure it is surely safe for users.

Needs for Zero Waste world

Not only the idea of bringing local raw materials to use for products, but there is also another concept that is fundamental to the production process. “We have the idea of making the world a Zero Waste. Therefore, we choose to use the leftovers from the production process.” Fai does not select complete raw material. But she sees the benefits from what are left and brings them back to life.

  Getting beautiful white rice to cook and eat is not easy. Every grain of rice must go through the process of collecting and milling from the mill to select the best pellets for sale. This process leaves the useless broken grains. This leads to the idea that we want to take advantage of every part of rice. “Normally the farmers bring the broken rice and rice germ to use as animal feed. We bought these parts for 15 baht per kilogram.” At least farmers get income. Even a small amount helps them, it makes them not waste raw materials in vain.

  Apart from the leftovers from the rice milling, Tha Khoi Guan Pomelo and preserved Barracuda Mango which are well-known processed foods also contain unused parts. Therefore, we choose to use the peel of the Tha Khoi pomelo to be extracted as pomelo oil. Moreover, the seeds left over from the mango stir-fry were extracted into ingredients to produce further products.

Create jobs and make money for people in the community 

WABELLAS team realizes the importance of creating jobs and making money for farmers. We bought rice scraps from the Phichit Organic Community Enterprise and Jambolan plum from farmers and villagers including Tha Khoi pomelo and Barracuda Mango from farmers and other enterprises. Fai is the coordinator herself.

“Very tired.” But her exhaustion made people in that sub-district smile. In addition to generating income, jobs and money can still be created at every stage of production. Establishing the Wabellaz community enterprise group has the objectives to be the center of work distribution and spread knowledge.

  “We have an idea for making people in the community have income because most people in the group are women taking care of their children at home or people taking care of their parents who are bedridden patients.” Scope of work is about carving, washing, cutting, and drying to prepare the raw materials before going through the extraction process. After that, there is also a process of hiring for packaging and attaching stickers.

  Community enterprise groups are continuing to expand and educate the villagers including educating students  “We have a workshop about bringing the pomelo peel to make an ancient inhaler. Moreover we are  a partner with community colleges in the marketing subject. We will let students studying in this subject take the product to study, do marketing, set up a booth and try to sell the products that will make them earn the money. The WABELLAS team also coordinates with the Tourism Authority of Thailand for encouraging tourism in Phichit to become more active.

  The name “WABELLAS” is from the intention to reflect the hometown. The word “Wa” comes from the name of Wang Wa sub-district. The word “Bella” can be interpreted as beauty. This name, when combined, means the beauty of nature arising from Wang Wa Sub-district.

  When we get to know the story of WABELLAS. We found that something that is more than beauty is to have a concept and a process that takes into account the environment and others. Therefore, it is not only about supporting one product but also indirectly generating income for people in Wang Wa Sub-district of Phichit Province. This is the true beauty of Wang Wa Sub-district that everyone will experience through the intention of producing good quality natural products